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Echoes fading from the past,
Of a love that would not last
Hoping that this is not real
Your embrace, I no longer feel
Shadows return back to my soul
Reminding me of the days of old
Without you
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 3 5
Rising Sun
Long ago the sun rose upon my life
Giving me hope and meaning
Filling the soul with love and laughter
Removing the sadness and the hate
I had forgotten the feeling of cold
With the sun by my side
Nothing could tear me down
As in the light I was invincible
As time passed, my sun began to fade
And with it, the warmth it brought
Setting behind the horizon
Again I have been abandoned
Plagued by the loneliness
For which I am much too familiar
Sulking in the new found darkness
Growing malice in the heart and soul
Damn the sun; damn the light
The darkness leaves me uneasy
For it erases any feelings of happiness
I might have had
Now alone in the dark I sit
No more contempt; no more hatred
Just patience
As I await a new light.
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 1 1
Trapped within the confines of my mind
Though how can I call it trapped
For it is the one place I feel safe
In this realm I am free to roam
Amongst the flowers and the trees
Why must I live this bleak life
When I yearn for so much more
Within the confines of my mind I am free
Free to live, free to explore, free to dream
Chained to the walls of my sanity
Though how is that a bad thing
For without the chains I would be insane
Within my head are the thoughts of pure sanity
And truth
Those who know not what I think
Know not the truth of the human potential
Must I be a prophet to this dying breed
Lurking in the shadows of my soul
Resides the man I yearn to be
However this man will never be me
For I will never find him
Why must I be held down
Blocked from my full potential
Within my veins flows the all knowing
Forever lost…
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 3 2
Mature content
Rest Your Weary Head :iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 2 5
Death Letter
Without a proper thought in mind
I scribble these words upon the paper
As my final gift to you
As my flesh now nurtures the ground
I become but dust in the wind
I have lost the fight
I have paid the price
Only to be forgotten
Heed these words dear reader
For the life you lead is not worthwhile
None will remember your deeds
As none have remembered mine
Oh you claim me insane
But one day you will see the truth
One day you will be forgotten
Nothing but dust in the wind
Fate is a lie
Everything is a lie.
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 2 3
Mature content
Necromantic Sin :iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 4 8
Do You See Me?
Do you see me
I'm right here before you
Yet your eyes seem to pass right through
It would seem as if I am a ghost to you
In this, an empty room
This bleak, cold room
Do you hear me
Screaming in your face
Yet you turn a deaf ear
It would seem as if I have no voice
Screaming out for attention
Expressing the sheer agony of loneliness
Do you feel me
As I caress your face
Yet you continue to stare into oblivion
Do I no longer matter to you
What would it take
A knife to your throat
Can you see me now
As I burn the whole place down
Your eyes show fear
Yet there is still no acknowledgement
Can you not see
Your own self conscious
Can you hear me now
As I tell you to run
Out of this burning hell
My voice seems to fade
As your own screams drown me out
Ignoring your own self conscious
Can you feel me now
As I force the knife into your chest
Collapsing into the inferno
Though you still do not understand
That I've been here all along
Living in your shadow
I am the reflection in the mirror
I am the v
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 1 3
Mature content
One Cold Winter's Night :iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 3 3
The Rapture Intro
With a flash of light and a bolt of lightening it begins. This is the event that will swallow the world whole and spit her back out. Surrounded by the masses of people we sit in Central Park, away from all the tall buildings. Suddenly the earth begins to quake, the buildings start to shake, and the stars begin to fall. The earth is pelted by galactic rain as the quakes begin to level the city. Screams of agony rise from the center of the group, and as the pinnacle of destruction begins to set in, I pass out…
I sit amidst the flames and the debris as the buildings collapse around me. I am alone in this city; surrounded by death and destruction. Struggling to get to my feet, I wipe the sweat from my brow. I am hungry, I am thirsty, yet I am without any supplies. All around me the rubble and the debris pile up. I hear the screams of agony yet I see no bodies. They had said that the Rapture was impending; however no one had expected it to strike so soon. The sun looms high as I stare
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 2 9
Angel or Daemon
Rain pours onto the ground
Hail pounds the soil
The clouds block all signs of light
A cool breeze caresses the back of my neck
Sending chills down the spine
Feeding the machine of my eternal anguish
For I am without her
However her absence is not the problem
For she was the cause of this pain; this suffering
Yet I still feel the knife caress my throat
I still feel fire within my core
Her beauty drew me in
For she seemed to be of divinity
I was caught in the chasm of her trap
A whirlpool of deceit and pain
In which I was succumbed
Like heroin she became a disease
Slowly deteriorating all that was once my soul
Yet no matter how much I resisted
I needed another hit
Rain continues to fall
The hail smashing itself into the ground
The clouds continue to block out the sun
As I am caressed by the cool breeze
An omen of my impending doom
For without her I am lost
But with her I am poisoned
Tears roll down my cheek
For I know that I am lost
In an eternal battle in my own subconscious
Saved of he
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 2 16
An Endless Night
Gone without a sight
Dead without a fight
The shaman lies motionless
Upon the frozen tundra
A treacherous plight
Arises from the infectious blight
Black rises from the cracks
In the stone cold ground
Purged of all light
Thrust into night
As infinite evil spawns
A deliberate omen of death
Oh the horror
How the darkness consumes all
Oh how I pray to the heavens
For a sign that it will be alright
Gone without a sight
Dead without a fight
The wizard in white
Falls upon a knee
A treacherous plight
Arises from the infectious blight
As the curtain closes
On what's left of humanity
Purged of all light
Thrust into night
Beasts feast upon flesh
As I am beset
Oh the horror
How the darkness consumes me
Oh how I pray to the dark
In hopes of mercy
Oh the horror
How the darkness consumes me
I slowly fade to oblivion
Upon the frozen tundra.
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 1 4
Mature content
Poetry of the Poisoned :iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 3 17
Mature content
Martyr to the Damned :iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 3 3
Mature content
Organ Farm :iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 1 0
Mature content
Hopeless and Gone :iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 2 0
A glimmer from the fountain,
The shimmer in her eyes,
Sealing the fate,
Of hearts at the gate,
To Utopia
Angels sing on high,
Bells ring through the halls,
The moon shines so deep,
For all in the keep,
Of Utopia
Dreams express the emotion,
A caress as warm as the sun,
A heaven upon the earth,
A new age, a rebirth
In Utopia
:iconthe-fatalistic-smile:The-Fatalistic-Smile 6 0


Be My Blanket
Stay with me and shelter me in warmth with your words. You are broken, you crave the rest, you need what I can give, but I feel sick and alone and suffocated tonight. Please. Put your arms around me and tell me I'm yours without question. Fill my head with dizzy daydreams of music and brilliance. Show me that other world, that beautiful, incomparable palace in your mind and let me wander it's halls and caress it's cobwebs. I want to walk the labyrinth of your axons and clip your neurons to my shoulders like wings. Stay with me.
You've taken the heart I left on the doorstep in your mouth like a forlorn puppy before curling up on the cushions and shutting your weary eyes to the world. I still kneel here outside, flickering with red melancholy dripping from my eye sockets and down the nodules in my spine. I'm in the shadows and not the spotlight of your world right now. I am not important compared to your struggles. Yet I beg you to let me breathe you like oxygen and die on the las
:iconeriella:Eriella 7 9
Mordecai and Rigby by Jsomething93 Mordecai and Rigby :iconjsomething93:Jsomething93 2 4 Adventure_Time by Jsomething93 Adventure_Time :iconjsomething93:Jsomething93 1 2
When You Loved Me
I used to dream about you
those days that I lay in bed
cozy next to a stuffed animal you'd once given me.
I used to see you everywhere
you'd smile at me
and you would hold me just like I loved.
I used to taste you on my lips
a sweet, tender touch like caramelized sugar
memory that I never wanted to let go of.
Now I dream about you
your eyes hateful and your words angry
all the while you are clearly happier without me.
Now I see you everywhere
turning your back to me the moment I come near
disappearing as another ghost of my past.
Now I taste you on my lips
and I feel as close to death as life allows
as I remember when you made my life worth living
with just a simple kiss...
                               A kiss I will never taste again.
:iconbethyluv215:BethyLuv215 14 7
Whisper of Pain
One more rainy afternoon
Sitting my life away on this empty windowsill
Hoping --
               No! --
                              Praying --
                                                      that there may be an end to this suffering.
Watching cars pass
Eyelids drooping in exaustion
Wondering if this is all life has to offer.
Choking down tears
That come for no reason
All the while gasping just to breathe.
Grope the air for something material
But find only air
With nothing to support the fall.
:iconbethyluv215:BethyLuv215 14 3
Dr. Jackal by Jsomething93 Dr. Jackal :iconjsomething93:Jsomething93 3 2
How It Ends
Is this how it ends?
                                                              Singing the blues to myself?
Is this how it ends?
                                                              Crying for hours at night just so I'll fall asleep?
Is this how it ends?
:iconbethyluv215:BethyLuv215 20 10
Eluveitie by 0Karydwen0 Eluveitie :icon0karydwen0:0Karydwen0 26 1
the fear of growing up
I am a child
I do not understand the world of large
they argue, they strike
they make war, they lie
I am confused
can not explain anything
fies so I had my instinct
I do not know the meaning of the word
I heard on TV
Then I go alone in the dark
or not knowing what path leads
with the fear of becoming an adult
:iconkatsumoto82:katsumoto82 6 11
the creature
I was a prisoner
but he did not suspect anything
he did not know
that I am a creature much stronger than him
and when he turned his back
I jumped a throat
to bite violently
I drank all his blood
I fed her body
and I continued on my way
in search of a human taste
:iconkatsumoto82:katsumoto82 13 17
house of the dead by AbyssalSalute house of the dead :iconabyssalsalute:AbyssalSalute 8 0
Mature content
17:37 to Liverpool Street :iconnew-dawn-productions:New-Dawn-Productions 4 3
A Kiss of Sidhe
A Kiss of Sidhe
In the amber rush of autumn glow
down mossy paths through crimson groves
the fireflies like faeries float
Her footsteps faintly lead on
Through pinion seeds of cottonwood
That dance with leaves from thinning hood
of canopy brushed gold and blood
She calls me deeper within
An arbor lined in Ash and Thorne
hides a witching well and cup of horn
in loneliness, her whispers mourn
and beckon me to drink
She presses chalice like a kiss
Indulgently, I take a sip
like nectar from her honeyed lips
Ambrosia coursing within
With glossy eyes and sinking feeling
The cup spills blood and sends me reeling
The maiden fae shown beast unseele
And I her blooded consort
She calls Wild Hunt and bids me ride
into the nightmare, by her side
with hounds of hell, and her my guide
Forsaking the mortal world
:iconvindblain:Vindblain 19 13
Do You Remember?
I burst into laughter,
You're begging me to let you go,
Do you really think this is a joke?
Now is time for you to bow.
Do you remember when you used to call me "freak"?
What made you believe that I'm so weak?
There's nothing bad in being different,
Now, I hope you know how pleased you should be,
To know the real me,
A mad psycho, that's what I am,
And with a bloody murder, that's how I'll end this game.
Do you remember how you used to break me down?
Everyday bit by bit, why you wanted to destroy my soul?
But I didn't let you see my tears,
I turned my back, pretending is not real,
I couldn't let you know my fears.
Now, I hope you won't mind,
If I tear you open wide,
Chop your heart,
Do you remember you did the same?
For your savage death you are the one to blame.
Come on,
Why don't you laugh in my face once more?!
Do you believe now that the wheel can turn?
Well, your whole life is about to bend,
Take a look at my hand,
Is that your miserable life that I'm holding?
With your own blood,
:iconthfan259:THFan259 52 56
Mature content
Nursery Rhymes :iconthexgoldenxdays:thexgoldenxdays 4 30
Bad Omen by AbyssalSalute Bad Omen :iconabyssalsalute:AbyssalSalute 13 7



... its a symptom of depression

... i suffer from depression

... thus i procrastinate

... thus there is new writing

... and for this i apologize

I do miss writing... and i shall hopefully get over the large hump that is procrastination
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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Dan... 21 years old, i enjoy writing, listening to music, playing video games, and being amazing
i enjoy all things music.. suffering a very real depression, writing was an outlet I used, but was quickly forgotten. However I hope to start up anew, and rekindle my love and kill the madness in my mind.

Current Residence: St Paul, Minnesota
Top 3 Artists as of Now: Amy Winehouse, Eluveitie, Halestorm
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favorite Book Series: The Lotus War series by Jay Kristoff
Favorite TV Show: Avatar: The Last Airbender



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